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This page is a collection of some boomerangs I've made along with some tips on making your own.  Some of my friends join me here as well on the Guest Boomsmith page.

Hopefully your creativity will be sparked and you will make some boomerangs of your own.

Be sure to check the Links section for more information on Boomcraft.

If you like to talk to other boomerang throwers and makers, join the

Yahoo Group BoomerangTalk

If you want to see some vintage video footage of boomerangs check out

YouTube Boomerang Archive

The United States Boomerang Association.

Here are some Boomerhymes by Bud Pell.

Bud's Boomerhymes, Odes, and Ballads

by Bud Pell and illustrated by Chuck Pell 1991


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Be the next person to throw over 200 Meters in an official LD event and get this strip laminated boomerang.

Manuel Schutz already has his.