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Scott McKenzie  
  Here Scott displays a few of his favorite shape.  You can see that to make this hook, Scott had to make a double lap across the top.  The yellow wood is Bois'd Arc, also known as Osage Orange.  The dark wood you see is Mesquite. 
The top is a double joint flat top. The bottom is a Bois D' Arc lap joint. Beautiful.
Walnut lap joint. Check out the inlay!


Multiple Lap Joints from Scott. Beautiful contrast of Bois D' Arc (yellow) and Walnut, Mesquite, and Pine.


Dan Neelands  

These are Strip Laminated rangs made by Dan from Black Locust with a Vermillion stripe or Walnut wedge.

Beautiful, well crafted boomerangs. Lot of work in these babies.

Dan's also into the high tech stuff, but he hasn't sent me a picture.  It's pretty top secret stuff. ;-)


Steve Vogel  

This beauty was made by Steve using a wood burning technique on 5 mm Finnish Plywood.

Great craftsmanship throughout. The detail really gives the flower depth.


Check out the art work on the Cryderman S/L Traditionals. Nice stuff.

Very nice boomerang.



Boomerang Key Chains. 
I take the chain off and use double stick tape and fridge magnets to put them on things.  No, they won't return, but they are interesting. Peter always has something interesting.