Lap Joint Gallery



Lap Joint Gallery

Lap joints are beautiful and fun.  Many of the lap joint booms here are from salvaged wood.  You can find beautiful wood in packing crates, shipping pallets, cutting boards, discarded furniture and and furniture parts.

These are two lap joints made from rare Spalted Crate Maple.  That is just a term for the wood used to make the shipping crate that my Jet bandsaw came in.  Such a deal.


This lap joint was made from a piece Highly Figured, Wormy, Tiger Maple with Mahogany joint accent.  I got the Maple off of ebay.  Judging from the edges of the boards, they had been a headboard or coffee table in a previous incarnation.  One of the most beautiful woods I've ever seen.

This Lap Joint is Cherry that came from a 100 year old barn in Pennsylvania.  It has a heart carved in the elbow and tear drops on the wing tips.  The wings were darkened with a torch.