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Multi-Lap Construction.


Snow Tiger

Snow Tiger. Multi-lap with a core of Oak veneer flanked by Walnut Veneer. One of my favorite throwing rangs.

This boomerang was made by cutting the veneer into 2" by 24" strips with the grain running the length of the strips.

The strips are cut in alternating patterns.

After dressing (sanding smooth) the mating edges of the pieces, they are then glued, and placed so that they overlap, then placed in the press. This produces the sections which the blanks are then traced out and cut.

These blanks consistist of between 5 and 10 layers of veneer, depending on the thickness of the veneer.

Multi-lap Cherry Veneer MTA.

This MTA was made by cutting the Cherry veneer into 2" by 24" strips. Then, cutting these strips in sections, sanding the mating edges, gluing, and laying up alternate pieces into stacks. The stacks were then put into the press and let to dry. This then produces a Cherry plywood on which the blank is traced, cut, shaped, and finished.

I have been using Titebond II glue with good success. The mfg says that it can be thinned by 5%, but I usually thin it closer to 10% as recommended by Gerhard Bertling for strip laminated rangs. The glue will take a week or so to dry depending on weather conditions. Good things come to those who wait.

$5 Veneer Press

This is my bargain veneer press. It is comprised of the unused ends of rail road before they are treated. They are 50 cents each at the saw mill. They are stacked on top of the ABS plastic sheets which hold the multi lap glue ups.

The latest press I've added to my collection is two bags of ready mix concrete, with a few 25 lb. free weights on top.