Multi-Lap Tips



Tips for making Veneer Multi-Lap Booms

OK, take this what it's worth. Free advice is worth exactly what you paid for it. This is some of what I've learned and is here for experimentation only. Don't blame me if your first few attempt's don't turn out as you had hoped. Learn from your mistakes and keep at it.


    Don't get in a hurry. This is a process that takes a long time and will reward you with beautiful results once you get your own process down. Everyone will discover methods that work for them and should use whatever works for them.

    </1L>I've been using Tite Bond II glue because it is water based and easy to clean up, but you will need to thin it a bit. Tite Bond said it could be thinned 5% with water, but I've been going more for 10% with no problems.


    OK, poly glues clog up sandpaper more than epoxy, but it is a trade off. I use a brass brush to clean the belt before using the art gum thingy you can buy for cleaning belts. Look for cheap charcoal grill brushes at the discount store. They work great.

    This is the place to use those beautiful veneers with the wonderful grain on the outside layers. Use something strong on the inside layers.

    I carefully sand the mating edges of all the pieces, then tape the outer pieces together so that they won't drift when pressing. It would be nice to be able to tape the inner pieces too, but I've not found anything yet that would not make a bulge in the final stick.

    I place my sticks on a sheet of ABS plastic as I glue them up, and then place another sheet on top for pressing.

    When placing the top sheet of PVC, be careful not to make any lateral movements. Any lateral shift will displace the inside pieces and create gaps.

    I've got a 4"x4" board which I stack the layers against to try to prevent them from shifting while stacking on the weights.

    Let dry for several days, remove from the press, remove the top section, then let dry for several more days.

    Get some good cloth backed sandpaper, J weight. It does a great job on sanding these as well as any other boom and it lasts MUCH longer than the paper backed stuff.

    This is a great way to make sticks out of beautiful veneers without wasting as much as if you just glued the veneer sheets together and then cut out the rang. OK, it may not be much of a big deal, but there you go.