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This sander is made by Kalamazoo Industries Inc. 6856 East K Ave. Kalamazoo MI 49001

The motor is a 1/3 hp Baldor Industrial Motor. That's it, a motor, belt, and an on/off switch. What else do you need?

Not in the picture, but just off to the right is an electric motor with a drum sander attached to the shaft with a 1/2" coupling.

Three sanders on one table.







This is the veneer cutting jig. The lateral piece gives me a place to squarely butt the veneer sheet, and the 48" ruler is 2" wide. That is the width I cut the strips for both the strip laminate and multi lap rangs. A word of advice. Get your jig up as high as possible to ease the strain on your back.




Notice the variety of clamps? It's tough to have enough clamps for this sport.

Notice that the layer adjacent to the clamps is not veneer, but aluminum strips. Otherwise the clamps will leave marks.

Also notice there is plastic wrap around the mold to keep the glue from sticking to it. I tried waxing it, but had mixed results. The large black square is radiographic film to protect the mold backing.